Vehicle Tires in Winter Season

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Every driver knows that winter is tough on tires, regardless of the region. Therefore, it is important to get your tires checked for winter driving. Unfortunately, the majority of drivers wait until the very last minute to take care of their tires, this is a big mistake. You need to know that your car is ready to handle winter conditions and it is safe to drive your vehicle. Greenway Kia of Rivergate located in Madison, TN has made a list of a few tips that will help you prepare your tires for winter weather:

Check Your Tire Tread

Tire tread plays an important role in determining the ability to grip the road. Therefore, to make sure that your tires are ready for winter, you need to check the tread on each tire, including the spare. Many people try to check the tread themselves with the help of the penny test, but this test is not always accurate. For this reason, it is recommended to bring your car to a car repair shop and ask a professional technician to check the tread.

Make Sure There Is Good Tire Pressure

The main purpose of tire pressure is to support your car’s weight. When it gets colder and outdoor temperatures drop, tire pressure drops as well. If tires are not inflated enough, this can negatively affect your vehicle’s handling. Therefore, it is important to check your tire pressure before the winter starts and throughout the winter.

Rotate Your Tires

Your tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles or even earlier, especially if there are signs of uneven wear. Regular tire rotation also helps improve the car’s steering and handling. It may be a good idea to rotate your tires before the winter starts.

Consider Getting Winter Tires

Many people mistakenly believe that winter tires are only for harsh winter conditions, with lots of snow and ice. However, the truth is that winter tires (also known as snow tires) are also good for lower temperatures in warmer climates, such as the climate of the state of Tennessee for example. In fact, low temperatures can cause regular tires to become hard and make them lose normal traction, even if there is no snow or ice and the roads are dry.

Here are three types of tires that you should consider for the winter season:

  • All-weather tires. They are created to handle winter conditions
  • Winter. They are known for narrow grooves and better treads, which is good for snowy conditions.
  • Studded. These tires have metal studs that pierce ice and snow.

If you are not sure what tires you need, you can always talk to a car dealership or mechanic, who will help you make the right choice.

Prepare Your Tires For Winter at Greenway Kia of Rivergate 

If you live in Madison, TN, or any other surrounding area, and you need to prepare your tires for the upcoming winter season, contact Greenway Kia of Rivergate – a car dealership in Madison, TN that offers competitively priced maintenance work. At our tire store, you can also purchase the tires you need for driving safely this winter. If you want to know more about our dealership and the services we offer, feel free to contact us.

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