The All New Kia Forte

Many people prefer to drive sedans for their versatility and how comfortable they are to ride in while traveling or commuting. The Kia Forte has continued to increase in popularity and sales because of its stylish exterior and high performance for those who have various driving needs. If you want a compact car that has excellent fuel economy, there are a few features to check out before making your selection at our Nashville Kia dealership.


The 2021 Kia Forte is value-focused with its latest model and has excellent driving dynamics that make it a breeze to drive and operate. The vehicle comes standard with a 147-hp four-cylinder engine that is peppy and energetic when running errands around town or heading to work. Although the car has sporty good looks, the performance matches its athletic design and can allow you to zip around and accelerate quickly with minimal effort. It proves to be enjoyable to drive for highway cruising and offers both luxury and convenience. Those who select the GT trim can enjoy the impressive acceleration and reach 60 mph in 6.7 seconds, which cause the 2021 Forte to feel like a sports car. The base model can reach 60 mph in eight seconds and is just as impressive with its acceleration considering its low price tag. The throttle response is also quick without feeling too sharp to ensure you still feel in control of the car. Despite the speed it delivers, it also offers a calm and steady ride with a high level of composure and smoothness. When you drive the vehicle for the first time, it’s hard not to be impressed with the sedan’s suspension tuning and high-speed stability to ensure you can feel more relaxed driving the car even when you put the pedal to the metal.

New Features

With a charging pad on the center console, it’s easy to power up your different devices without thinking about packing a USB cord every time you get ready to spend time on the road. The Touch or Talk Navigation System is also useful because it allows you to find the best route to reach your destination without pressing any buttons with the voice commands you can perform. Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant is also convenient to use because it allows you to speak different types of commands to the computer in the car and adjust the settings without the need to take your hands off the wheel. The interior of the car is roomy and spacious, with plenty of legroom to stretch out and feel more at ease. The infotainment system is also easy to use with a simple design that is easy to navigate without pressing too many buttons. In the cabin, you’ll find an abundance of high-quality materials that create an upscale environment where you’ll have more comfort. The 2021 Kia also comes with a generous amount of standard features, boosting its overall value. You don’t have to spend more on upgrades to access the advanced features that are only available as add-ons in similar models.

Safety Features

The 2021 Forte also prioritizes different safety features provided to drivers to ensure you have peace of mind and more confidence with operating the vehicle. The traction control system keeps the wheels planted on the ground in slippery conditions and reduces the risk of skidding out. If an accident occurs, advanced airbags offer more cushion to reduce the risk of injuries for the driver and passengers. 911 Connect & Roadside Assistance are also available in the cabin to reach out for help if you have a flat tire or get into an accident in Nashville.

Reach out to our friendly sales team at our Nashville Kia in Nashville when you’re looking to upgrade to a new sedan. We can help you test drive the vehicle and can also provide you with more information about each make and model in our inventory.