The Benefits of Servicing Your Vehicle at Greenway Kia of Rivergate

Often, when visiting local auto shops or retailers, there is a significant disparity between the quality of services customers can enjoy. Sometimes, one mechanic is better than the others, and there is no guarantee that that mechanic will work on your vehicle. Thus, making customers risk a less qualified individual working on their car. Perhaps the parts and fluids used in the services are the cheapest possible, making the service less valuable to you as a customer, potentially damaging your car. That is why, at Greenway Kia of Rivergate, we want to prove that these problems do not exist at our dealership. Meet our friendly staff, experienced technicians, and experience our quality services. If you drive a Kia in the greater Nashville area, then Greenway Kia of Rivergate is the place for all your car needs.

Our Experienced and Certified Staff

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Greenway Kia is our customer service. We strive for open and honest dealings with all of our customers, regardless of the service. When you arrive at our dealership, you will be greeted by a friendly representative devoted to making your experience with us a positive one. Our representatives and technicians are happy to answer any questions and provide as much information as possible regarding your vehicle’s needs.

At Greenway Kia, you do not need to worry about the qualifications of those working on your vehicle. All our technicians are factory-certified professionals, which means that they are the best experts available to work on your Kia. Drivers can have peace of mind that, regardless of the reason you are at our dealership, the individuals working on your vehicle are qualified to perform the service rendered. Another significant advantage of visiting us at Greenway Kia is the quality of the parts and fluids we use.

Factory Certified Parts, Fluids, and Filters

Not only do we staff top-of-the-line professionals, but we also use top-of-the-line parts and fluids in our services. Each Kia has specific fluids, parts, and filters that ought to be used to ensure optimal performance. At Greenway Kia of Rivergate, we ensure that we adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and provide the exact parts, fluids, and filters that your vehicle requires. This may not sound like a big deal, but using aftermarket, knock-off, or other brands other than the factory-recommended parts and fluids can affect the overall performance of your vehicle and even lead to more trips to the mechanic. That is why we use the manufacturer’s recommendations to help your car run as far and as well as possible.

Another advantage of coming to visit our dealership with your Kia is the benefits to your warranty. If your Kia is under warranty, we can ensure that your car gets the care and maintenance needed to continue to thrive. We can help you stay up to date with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and protect your vehicle from any shoddy services that could potentially void the warranty.

Come Try Us Out

If you drive a Kia in the Nashville area, come and meet us. We provide all types of automotive services from repairs, oil changes, tire sales, and, of course, car sales. Check out our service department and make an appointment to see us. You can make an appointment online and come at the designated time to avoid questions about when your vehicle will be seen. We are proud of our friendly staff, knowledgeable technicians, and the quality of our parts and services. Let us help you be safer on the road, whether it be through changing your tires, changing your oil, repairing your car, or even finding a new vehicle to move around our beautiful area. We are confident you will be satisfied with our service.